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Our classes run daily, with the studio doors open 15 minutes before and after each class. Our doors are locked while classes are in progress. Therefore please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class start time. If you are wishing to speak to a teacher or check out the studio before committing to classes, call or email and we can arrange a time to chat. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Just yourself! We have everything you will need to use in class at the studio. You are welcome to bring along your own mat and yoga props If you would prefer to. We also suggest bringing a water bottle and hand towel, and wearing comfortable activewear and shoes that are easy to take off.

Stretch Yoga is a great place to start as it gives you more time to get used to the different movements and relax into your practice. If you are wanting a workout, our Pilates classes are vibrant and fun, always offering options to reduce or increase intensity, depending on how you are feeling. Having said that, you are absolutely welcome to come along to any classes! Give each different style a try and see what feels best for you. 

Our Stretch Yoga classes provide a space for you to move your body in a mindful, gentle way. We spend so much time rushing and being busy. Take the opportunity to slow down, and drop into your body rather than being caught up in your head. Yin Yoga takes this even further, you are encouraged to relax the body into each shape as much as possible using the support of bolsters, blocks and blankets. This practice will help you understand where you hold tension in your body, and what you can do to soften and release that tension. Meditation will help you focus your busy mind, and cultivate presence. The more we practice slowing down, and being present, the less anxious and affected by stress we become. 

Flow Yoga combines movement and breath to help spark your inner fire. This practice warms the body through constant movement, building strength and stamina while increasing mobility. Pilates is an incredibly effective way of building long lean muscles without overloading the joints. 

We hear this so often! You do not have to be flexible to start practicing yoga. When you do yoga consistently, you will become more flexible over time.

Yes! You can come along to any of our yoga classes during your pregnancy. We recommend always checking in with your doctor, to make sure yoga is right for you at this time. Please indicate to our teachers that you are pregnant so they can help you make the necessary adjustments and provide alternatives to movements you should be avoiding.  If you are just beginning your yoga practice, be gentle with yourself and your changing body. It is already working very hard! Yoga will help strengthen your mind-body connection. It is a wonderful way to spend time connecting inward with yourself and your baby. We recommend Stretch Yoga to ground and open. If you have already been practicing yoga with us, continue coming along to your regular class. Your practice will change to accommodate the amazing work your body is doing, so always listen to it, and rest when you need to. We do not recommend Mat Pilates throughout pregnancy.

Yes! All our pass options give you access to our 2 gorgeous locations.

Only 10 Class Packs can be shared and that must be with a family member or partner.

Yes, this is all self managed via logging in using the login button at the top right of this website. You cannot manage this via our app, you must use the website. You can cancel any auto pay membership at anytime with no notice periods just select cancel renewal. 

Yes, We just ask for 72 hours notice just send us a message in our booking app or using the form above with your dates. You can pause from 7 days up to 3 months at a time. Pause don’t have to align with payment dates, if you have days left on your pass when you pause you will have them available to use when you come back. 

You can cancel your booked class easiest via our booking app. You will be receive your credit back your account if cancelled before class time.  To cancel your membership please login using the top right hand button on this website. 

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Helensvale Studio

Our northern Gold Coast studio is located in Helensvale, just off the Hope Island Road M1 exit. After you enter Homeworld Helensvale, turn left at the roundabout to find us on the ground floor of the medical hub. 

Robina Studio

We are located along Ron Penhaligon way near Robina Pavilion and next door to The Lott Cafe.