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Flolo: your home away from home.
At Flolo Gold Coast Yoga and Pilates studios, we lovingly welcome all ages, experience levels, genders, shapes, or backgrounds, into our community to explore the joy of movement! 
We pride ourselves on creating a super comfortable, welcoming experience to anyone who comes to our classes – no matter how much of a newbie or how advanced you are. Our Gold Coast Yoga and Pilates studios are about cultivating community, enjoying movement, having fun, and feeling good!
Rooted in the traditions of yoga and pilates, we offer classes for all levels, so that every person that walks through our doors feels comfortable and worthy, and floats out our doors as a happier, calmer, stronger version of themselves.
Our commitment is to cultivate a vibrant community where movement becomes more than just exercise; it’s a celebration. A celebration that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.   
We can’t wait to be your new home away from home!

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what our students say about our gold coast yoga and pilates studios

Lisa-Marie ValentiniLisa-Marie Valentini
05:05 27 Jun 24
02:51 25 Jun 24
I’ve been attending this studio for just over a month now. I enjoy the classes I’ve been to so far, some stretch Yoga, Pilate, Barre. It’s the time I really feel like carving time out for myself. The instructors are awesome and the vibes of the classes are great too leaving me energised, re-centred, and appreciating my day. Also I find it a huge benefit for the body mind and soul. 😊 👍
Ildiko RodicIldiko Rodic
01:43 25 Jun 24
Taylor HumeTaylor Hume
07:36 23 Jun 24
I am only new at this place but so far I have enjoyed every class! The staff are very knowledgeable.
Candice BCandice B
00:34 20 Jun 24
Highly recommend Kate’s Yin Yoga class! She really embodies the teachings of Yin Yoga, Spaciousness and Presence ✨🙏🏽
Anita JeassopAnita Jeassop
11:43 14 May 24
Amazing 💜
Ava YueAva Yue
01:25 08 May 24
Their membership system without contracts is very accommodating for someone like me who travels frequently. There are plenty of courses available, making it easy to find a time that suits me. The teachers are also great, and having different teachers brings many different experiences.
Richard KissRichard Kiss
01:35 25 Apr 24
Excellent teachers a great variety
02:48 21 Apr 24
Once again I’ve come away from a beautiful class feeling rested, relaxed and centred. I have loved all the classes I’ve attended and am especially loving Sunday mornings with Jesska,The gentle way she explains everything is so helpful 😊
Leanne PerucciLeanne Perucci
01:08 20 Apr 24
Recently started doing Yoga, Pilates, and Barre at this studio. My Daughter was already a member and I went along with her. Lovely group of instructors and great vibe in the studio. Really enjoying the classes I am doing. Wish I could get there more often. A few more Pilates classes on Fridays & Weekends would be good for me, but that's just a personal thing. Pricing is great too.
Audrey ByronAudrey Byron
09:36 09 Apr 24
I really like flolo because all of the teachers are amazing , they have a great variety of classes and it’s always super welcoming
Jessica BeveridgeJessica Beveridge
11:45 03 Apr 24
Hayden FrazerHayden Frazer
19:51 26 Mar 24
Great classes and instructors. Always a pleasure to be part of a class.
Ruud HarmsRuud Harms
02:09 24 Mar 24
Huge amount of classes, excellent varied tuition regardless of age and experience there is something for everyone. Very welcoming vibe and value for money 10 /10
erin greenwooderin greenwood
02:08 22 Mar 24
I’ve been coming to FLOLO for 2 months now and the changes I’ve felt both physically and mentally have been phenomenal. I feel stronger in my body, stronger in my mind & happier in my everyday life. The instructors are all so knowledgeable & friendly, it makes it the perfect space free from judgement and filled with love & good energy.
09:11 20 Mar 24
Olivia GarnerOlivia Garner
10:05 18 Mar 24
I have loved all 220 plus classes I have done at Flolo. Instructors are always supportive, positive and knowledgeable. Each class leaves me feeling renewed, empowered, stronger and generally better than before the class. I would encourage anyone and everyone to embrace Flolo classes.
Ellie HawkinsEllie Hawkins
08:34 14 Mar 24
Joining FloLo is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I decided to start yoga classes this year to reduce stress and gain back more strength, flexibility and stability within my body. Since starting about 3 months ago with FloLo, I was so surprised to notice these changes in my body starting to happen so soon. I love that there’s men and women of all ages in every class and the classes are all times of day - something I found difficult to find when researching other yoga places. They have so many teachers, all with their own personality that comes through in their classes. All super friendly and welcoming. Going to yoga just gives me so much peace and I would 100% recommend FloLo to everyone. 🫶🏻
Lisa HuttonLisa Hutton
09:52 05 Mar 24
I have been attending Floating Lotus studio at Helensvale for around 12 months. I enjoy the variety of classes and instructors, which offers something new to learn everytime.
sharna dimmicksharna dimmick
11:22 04 Mar 24
Couldn't recommend this studio more! A beautiful place, filled with amazing instructors. They also offer a lot of options and something for everyone. Suitable for all skill levels and very inclusive 🙂
yasmin Hyasmin H
21:40 02 Mar 24
Great timetable, variety of classes and people. No judgement and you get to set your own limits while being motivated to improve your body strength and mobility each time.
jaz francejaz france
12:45 02 Mar 24
I just started here as I wanted to get back into some form of exercise!! I absolutely love it, all the classes are great so far and can be modified to suit all abilities! For someone like myself who is new to Pilates and yoga, the classes and teachers are super inclusive and helpful and everyone at the studio is super friendly!!! Would 100% recommend Flolo!!
Stacey TarrantStacey Tarrant
02:43 01 Mar 24
This is my new favourite thing!! I’m half way through my pregnancy and the yoga instructors are so helpful giving me modifications… such a beautiful studio too. I love it here!
regiani pernomianregiani pernomian
00:39 23 Feb 24
Caroline EsmondCaroline Esmond
01:38 10 Feb 24
It’s a lovely studio - all the classes are different - some are super chilled and some are more challenging so you can pick what you feel like that day. The teachers are kind and helpful - it’s my happy place
10:59 01 Feb 24
Enjoy the yin classes here
03:50 01 Feb 24
I joined Flolo studio a few weeks ago. I am really enjoying the classes, Pilates, Barre and Stretch. The classes are great value as you can do as many as you want for the same weekly fee. There are plenty of times and days to choose from. The teachers are all very welcoming and friendly. I feel more relaxed after and ready for the day ahead. I would recommend anyone to try the classes.
Candice WangCandice Wang
10:29 18 Jan 24
Been going to Floating Lotus for nearly everyday for nearly two weeks now, I think it’s life-changing for me. I’ve been working behind a computer over the past two years and barely exercised. Having developed ugly posture and sore neck and wrist etc made me decide to go to Flolo. Now my body feels much relaxed and I’ve got better sleep quality too. Also the teachers are excellent and processes are neat and efficient. Price is pretty good if you go as often as I do. Definitely worth recommending.
Naoko ZammaNaoko Zamma
10:37 03 Jan 24
Different instructors and many classes to choose from! I'm glad I ditched gym and started with Floating Lotus. I feel good physically and mentally, reasonable price for quality classes!
Kylie MKylie M
03:46 21 Dec 23
I really love this yoga studio and feel lucky that i found it. I tried the yoga special $10 for 7 days and I was hooked. I really like the beautiful calm space, the variety of yoga teachers and abundance of time slots available. Plus the pilates and Barre classes are great too! It's a real peaceful gem on the northern Gold Coast. Highly recommended!
Mirjam Mc GaheyMirjam Mc Gahey
10:32 20 Dec 23
Tanya GambrillTanya Gambrill
07:12 17 Dec 23
Very welcoming and friendly staff, knowledgeable yoga instructors, and beautiful space to practice!
Renee FoysterRenee Foyster
09:24 12 Dec 23
Liza CallaghanLiza Callaghan
03:18 10 Dec 23
Such a wonderful yoga and pilates studio. Beautiful space, beautiful instructors and easy to use app to book in for classes. Very well priced as well. Absolutely love everything about it, it's been a game changer for me 🙂 Thankyou!
Janelle DavisJanelle Davis
22:43 08 Dec 23
Floating Lotus classes at Helensvale have become an important part of my life. I've regained pain-free movement and strength following an injury a couple of years ago, and these classes have helped me when so many other avenues, could not.The fabulous teachers guide you with professionalism and compassion. They are the best!
Isa MenesesIsa Meneses
01:25 12 Nov 23
Coming to Floating Lotus feels like a treat to my mind and body. 🦋✨️ My partner has noticed how it's shifted my physical and mental health. I feel calm and happier in each session. I always come out of a barre, pilates or flow yoga a brand new person. It's definitely my go-to place now to distress. How it has strengthen my back, arms and legs is simply a remarkable bonus. So glad I've found this little haven. 🧘🏻‍♀️🌼
Linda SantosLinda Santos
03:45 27 Oct 23
This is my second week attending Floating Lotus and I am loving the classes. I am an absolute beginner and have been attending various Yin, Stretch and Pilates classes. I have found that each of the Floating Lotus teachers are really knowledgeable, supportive and kind and that I leave the classes really looking forward to the next one! Lovely clean studio, so relaxing, really well run and excellent value for money.
Svetlana DimovskaSvetlana Dimovska
04:54 01 Oct 23
23:05 05 Sep 23
I like that Floating Lotus has a calm atmosphere upon entering. I have recently started Pilates and I’m grateful for Nalini’s clear and thorough guidance on correct posture and reminders throughout class. Now using correct posture in my core more often at work it is helping with the lower back muscle pain I get on a busy shift.The teachers are kind and motivating and it is ok to rest when needed or go at your own pace. The exercises are fun and varied. I also enjoy the stretching throughout class and at the end. I am looking forward to having a stronger core in correct alignment and strong stabilising muscles.
Samuel DalgarnoSamuel Dalgarno
20:24 29 Aug 23
Incredibly kind and supportive teachers
Cheryl LamCheryl Lam
05:56 24 Aug 23
This was my first time experiencing all classes and all fantastic instructors made sure to guide me through the whole experience I strongly recommend this studio to anyone who needs to relax and relieve stress from their week of work or just to unwind. Thank you for all your teaching and your knowledge is so vast and deep that every single word you utter seen Like a master stroke. I had a wonderful trial month and want to say this is not the end. I found improvement in my tone body and mind. Thank you so much.
Bec BridgerBec Bridger
07:54 13 Aug 23
I was thrilled to find one of my all time fav teachers Darby practicing at floating lotus Robina and I’ve been going to yin classes there a few months now with her and Milena and absolutely love the space, felt welcome and comfortable from the first class. I leave feeling reconnected & calm Highly recommend
Elisha FElisha F
08:52 11 Aug 23
Love the classes here, teachers are all friendly an have great technique. Bonus to be able to access both studios on the membership
Danielle KobyDanielle Koby
00:45 08 Aug 23
i’ve been going to floating lotus in robina for a few weeks now and I am so happy that I stumbled upon this studio - I love the variety of classes and all instructors have been so great, especially stretch class with Yin Yiu which has been my favorite so far 🙂 very affordable too for what they offer! I will definitely keep coming back to classes here
Louise WebsterLouise Webster
09:26 24 Jul 23
Stumbled across Floating Lotus & decided to do the 3 class trial (& recently signed up with a weekly membership) as I missed practicing Pilates regularly. It’s a modern studio with plenty of space to spread out. The teachers are welcoming & friendly & their classes challenging with great music. Highly recommend.
Candice GockCandice Gock
23:29 17 Jul 23
Floating Lotus is an amazing authentic Yoga studio! All the teachers have been fantastic and super welcoming! As a Yoga Teacher myself it’s feels really nice to be nurtured and held by other teachers.
Liv SLiv S
07:35 14 Jul 23
Wow! What an incredible studio! I was so hesitant to go to a studio that only offered mat pilates instead of reformer. However, it’s been the best decision I’ve made! Absolutely loving it. From the vibe to the incredibly knowledgeable instructors. So many class options and a bonus that you also have access to the studio in Robina. Also, it’s so cost efficient. For $33 a week, you can access an unlimited amount of classes. You really can’t go wrong. I would recommend Floating Lotus to anyone in the area!
Kaytelyn MitchellKaytelyn Mitchell
22:25 05 Jul 23
Lovely, well equipped studio with fantastic instructors. I appreciate that there are so many options for class types and times, it's easy to schedule attendance around work and I never have an excuse to miss class
Letícia OlssonLetícia Olsson
10:02 21 Jun 23
Best studio ever. I highly recommend it to everyone! The space is very welcoming, with such a variety of classes (which makes it impossible for me to find excuses not to go and exercise hahah) and they have the most patient and thoughtful teachers. I have a herniated disc and all of the teachers, no exception, make sure I feel comfortable to do the exercises at my own pace.
Tracy HurleyTracy Hurley
04:36 12 Jun 23
The studio offers an amazing variety of classes and session times.It's a clean, bright, and welcoming space with great teachers. My favorite instructors is Cheryl. She always makes sure that her classes are challenging but also fun. She has a great way of motivating you, and she makes sure that everyone is feeling supported.
Lyn WilliamsLyn Williams
01:03 25 May 23
Being new to Yoga at 64 I was very unsure, but I have been made to feel very comfortable & encouraged without any pressureI really enjoy the time spent at the Studio & my instructor Steve is awesome
Simone MinchintonSimone Minchinton
02:24 21 May 23
A very welcoming space, all the instructors so far have been great at offering alternative poses.for a beginner like myself. $99 month pass to try all if the classes a great option.
22:10 14 May 23
Signing up to a trial membership helped me get back into life after a rough breakup. I've thoroughly enjoyed my visits over the past month.
Vladislav ChunikhinVladislav Chunikhin
03:06 12 May 23
Good yoga studio with great staff! The exercises have so many benefits for both the mind and body.It's a great way to increase flexibility, strength, and balance after a long working day. The breathing techniques also help to reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Highly recommend!
Carmen EllardCarmen Ellard
02:15 27 Mar 23
I signed up to a trial month with The Floating Lotus and I think the variety of times and teachers on the timetable are very convenient. Great little studio with awesome people.
Juliette PawsonJuliette Pawson
12:22 01 Mar 23
I love Floating Lotus! The studio has become my new happy place. Plenty of class times to choose from in the morning and evenings. The instructors can teach a class very differently but you soon get used to them and figure out your favourites.
Gloria SmithGloria Smith
05:44 06 Feb 23
World class yoga & pilates experience! Highly recommended to anyone looking for classes from beginners to advanced. Every teacher is professional, experienced and caring. I have practiced and taught yoga for the past 50 years all around the world and this is the best run yoga center with an astounding schedule of classes and variety of disciplines all in one place.The website is easy to use to signup and schedule classes and the owners are quick to reply and help. I took 2 classes a day for the 3 weeks we were here, at a fantastic introductory rate.My husband and I sailed here to The Boat Works in Coomera for some repairs on our yacht, Kindred Spirit, as we prepare to sell her after a 20+ year voyage from Philadelphia, USA. The marina and trades at Moreton Bay Boat Works were also wonderful.Wherever we have traveled, I have searched out and found the best classes available. The owner, Nalini, teaches the best introductory classes as well, but all the teachers are good and I learned something new and useful from each of them. This place is like a Repertoire Company, they all work together beautifully.I am leaving soon, and I will miss having this amazing place to practice! My heartfelt gratitude to each and every teacher who welcomed me from the moment I entered The Floating Lotus Yoga Studio, like everything else about it, the name is perfect.
Luke BouldenLuke Boulden
05:46 31 Jan 23
A wonderful studio with incredibly talented (and patient for a not so very flexible guy) teachers. I'd highly recommend Floating Lotus to anyone wanting to try yoga, or any experienced yogis looking for a new home.
Warren AdamsonWarren Adamson
22:22 27 Oct 22
Ive been attending yin practice for over a year on a regular basis. It has now become part of my wellness structure in my life, especially with instructors like Natalie.You form a good connection with the people and the mat.Highly recommend this studio & instructors.
Cindy BlissendenCindy Blissenden
22:11 30 Sep 22
If your looking for a warm welcoming studio who caters for all levels then this is the place for you!! All the instructors are friendly, approachable, highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable catering for all your needs including working with injuries, pregnancy and any other special conditions. Majority of my injuries is due to lack of flexibility/stretching and these yoga classes have definitely helped to improve that. They also have a variety of early morning, daytime and evening classes to cater for everyone. I would highly recommend Floating Lotus Studio to anyone looking for a friendly professional place to practice, you won't be disappointed 😊
Flolo Studio Robina
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Christine MatheouChristine Matheou
13:28 19 Jul 24
Flolo has been a beautiful surprise for me. After being recommended by a friend I have found a beautiful supportive loving community of like minded people. Thank you 🙏
Abril VercelliAbril Vercelli
22:34 17 Jul 24
Started going to Pilates classes recently and I LOVE it. The instructors are all sooo nice and caring. It really makes me want to go and work out haha. Place is beautiful and has everything you need and more. Definitely will continue working out here!!
Donna LatuDonna Latu
04:30 12 Jul 24
Excellent instructors.Great classes in an awesome space. Everything provided.
23:41 10 Jul 24
I love this studio, the teachers, the class choices, the studio space, the no of class options, the location, the price options, and the lovely support and welcome. When I return to GC I will be back. Thank you for making my trip to GC that extra special.
Kellie LeeKellie Lee
03:14 04 Jul 24
Recently joined Flolo studio and I am really impressed so far. The membership is great value for money with so many class offerings each day, the studio has a nice friendly vibe and classes are never too full. All the teachers are knowledgeable and authentic and am already feeling my progress by being able to attend classes more frequently.
Nicky FoxNicky Fox
00:40 29 Jun 24
I'm so happy I found the perfect pilates studio to become a member of! The space in Robina has really nice ambience. The location is great with plenty of parking. I thought i would only do 3 classes a week but i love them so much that I try to go everyday!! My favourite is pilates & barre but the yoga classes have pleasantly surprised me. All the teachers are so nice, encouraging you to go that extra bit further whilst also making it fun and sweating alongside everybody 😄The variety of classes are just what I was looking for with times that fit perfectly around work too. For the quality you get, it's ridiculously affordable. If you're looking for a place to practice yoga/pilates/barre AND call home, I 1000% recommend Flolo!
Daniela RickettsDaniela Ricketts
22:01 20 Jun 24
Great Studio, amazing instructors, accurate timetable, clean and organized! 100% recommended!
09:10 18 Jun 24
I love the studio over all. The vibe & the interior.I also love how every instructor/teacher brings a different vibe & energy to their class.
05:00 09 Jun 24
Flolo is the best. Everyone is so nice and inspiring, I've had an excellent experience here as a beginner.
Florencia MansillaFlorencia Mansilla
06:15 04 Jun 24
A couple of weeks ago I started attending yoga, pilates and barre for the first time ever and I simply loved it. Amazing studio with welcoming and supportive teachers and beautiful atmosphere. I especially love yin yoga. Despite my busy schedule I always try to make my time to attend classes and the app for bookings gives you a great hand for that.Highly recommended ❤️
Myriam RischMyriam Risch
09:39 28 May 24
Love this beautiful studio and its instructors. I always leave feeling amazing. Each class and instructor is unique and fantastic. The classes are challenging but always have a sense of zen about them. The studio is beautiful, clean and a calm space. Love going here 🙂
02:46 22 Apr 24
Beautiful studio at Robina. Kind and helpful instructors . Very much enjoying my classes.
Jodie DzarirJodie Dzarir
09:49 11 Apr 24
Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else ❤️ the most beautiful and inviting studios, lighting and ambience is divine. Stocked with high quality clean props. Teachers are so compassionate, gentle and skilled at what they do, providing an environment of self-discovery and personal growth. Their passion for yoga’s philosophy and practices is evident, making them not only instructors of poses but also mentors in holistic well-being. Well done xNamaste and Thank you 🙏
Renee FoysterRenee Foyster
08:57 07 Apr 24
Beautiful, clean, welcoming space and people. Good mix of classes and teacher styles/practice.
Kiera EljedKiera Eljed
09:37 02 Apr 24
Matthew WaiteMatthew Waite
22:21 27 Mar 24
Kiana BullockKiana Bullock
10:26 25 Mar 24
I’ve been going to Flolo for 5 months now and I love it! There’s a great variety of classes and heaps of sessions to choose from. I love how the different instructors provide their own spin on each class.
Tracy CookeTracy Cooke
05:21 23 Mar 24
I have been going to Flolo studio at Robina for 2 months now. I have found all the instructors really lovely. The studio is nice & peaceful. I look forward to going to Pilates each week.
Rowena MartinRowena Martin
11:43 10 Mar 24
Such an amazing studio. Lots of class times and great instructors.
Glenda MarderGlenda Marder
00:36 09 Mar 24
Beautiful welcoming and inclusive studio. Instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. I love that they have a large teacher base which brings great variety. The huge plus point for me is the VALUE FOR MONEY! I have the unlimited weekly class package and it has paid for itself a million times over. I love practicing here. Thank you FLOLO
11:58 08 Mar 24
I love attending FloLo Robina. They have a good variety of classes and session times, great instructors and a calming and welcoming studio.I especially love the healing power of Yin classes.
Lisa DicksonLisa Dickson
22:06 07 Mar 24
Love this studio at Robina, 5 minute walk from my place - great vibe and lovely instructors. Can’t beat the weekly cost for unlimited classes 😍
Anne BrechtAnne Brecht
23:13 05 Mar 24
Great studio, excellent teachers
Marie GravesMarie Graves
22:21 05 Mar 24
This is such a wonderful space.Amazing and dedicated teachers. Always come out feeling calm or energised depending on the class I have done🧘‍♀️🤸✨️Give it a go you'll love it 🙏
Karen SutherlandKaren Sutherland
03:15 05 Mar 24
I started at FloLo 2 months ago, the instructors and other attendees are all so welcoming. I really look forward to my “me time” attending classes at the studio. Just a beautiful place to spend time 💕
Mitsue AkibaMitsue Akiba
21:56 03 Mar 24
Phoebe BellPhoebe Bell
00:09 02 Mar 24
Love it here. Great teachers and very versatile classes
22:49 26 Feb 24
I went to flolo studio with the intention to try pilates and barre. After 2 classes only i felt how it fixes my alignment and the discomfort on my right leg that have been troubling me for sooo long. I found the teachers are highly skill and understand movements very well. Love the studio, great price too, its silly not to sign up for this goodness :). I always try to make time to go to clasess despite my busy schedule.
Hannah RobertsonHannah Robertson
02:53 23 Feb 24
Best value for money going around.All the instructors are lovely.I leave feeling rejuvenated.Thank you so much!
regiani pernomianregiani pernomian
00:42 23 Feb 24
Nicole CarterNicole Carter
04:15 16 Feb 24
Suzy is the best teacher! Just amazing at taking you on a journey xx love her I’ll be back xx
11:00 01 Feb 24
Yin classes are great, would be great to see some diversification in meditation classes
Alex StefanovichAlex Stefanovich
07:07 28 Jan 24
Absolutely loved Flolo studio. The instructors are all so friendly and the classes are very enjoyable. Always feel comfortable when going. Highly recommend5 ⭐️
Danielle NorrisDanielle Norris
00:24 27 Jan 24
lena zhilena zhi
02:04 25 Jan 24
Very nice clean studio ,make people clam down easily, the teachers are nice and professional too, I got weekly pass is also a good value 👍
Amy WoodsAmy Woods
02:22 22 Jan 24
Beautiful studio with a great variety of classes. All of the teachers I've met have been super friendly and helpful. Classes are lots of fun yet challenging.
Danny AntcliffDanny Antcliff
22:17 21 Jan 24
I mainly do Pilates and they excellent classes and great instructors.
Jessica CummingsJessica Cummings
21:08 16 Jan 24
I’ve been coming here for about 2 months now and I am loving the atmosphere. All the teachers are so welcoming. I’m super impressed with the results I am receiving as I was quiet the beginner and my flexibility and strength has improved so much. I especially love the barre classes.
Helen GillespieHelen Gillespie
01:00 15 Jan 24
Such a fantastic and affordable studio with friendly and supportive instructors. Lovely atmosphere as well. I’m very new to yoga and Pilates and love the variations they include across all experience levels. Great range of props provided (mats too!) and booking classes through the app is super easy, as well. Very happy to have found this studio.Edit: Been attending classes for a couple of months now and feeling the difference already! I am Loving the freedom of having an unlimited class pass. Checking out the range of classes they have to offer has only provided positive experiences. If you're thinking of giving it a go, do it! it was one of my brighter ideas!
Cameo AsheCameo Ashe
23:27 13 Jan 24
Flolo Robina is a lovely studio offering yoga, pilates and barre classes. The memberships are affordable and easy to purchase and the app for bookings is simple to use. There's a wide selection of class times which makes attending classes easy to fit into a busy schedule. I love that I can just turn up and all equipment is provided. I also love the variety in teachers, who all bring their own style and focus to the classes they teach. Highly recommend this studio.
Nina WiseNina Wise
22:17 08 Jan 24
Floating Lotus has been such a great experience. The room is beautiful, and some of the best pilates and yoga classes I’ve been to. Highly recommend this cost effective studio!
Gillian DayGillian Day
04:12 07 Jan 24
Robina studio is a beautiful space. Darcy’s classes always have the right amount of strength, play & philosophy + he offers great adjustments!
Mirjam Mc GaheyMirjam Mc Gahey
10:36 20 Dec 23
My new favourite studio! So much authenticity and fun yet a place of calmness. 🫶🏼
Mirjam Mc GaheyMirjam Mc Gahey
03:07 16 Dec 23
ally pearceally pearce
11:03 28 Nov 23
A lovely intimate studio with beautiful instructors. All props and equipment provided. The price per week is so affordable compared to others on the coast. Great class variety and time slots - work for me after work
Linn MathilassiLinn Mathilassi
01:26 07 Nov 23
Absolutely love this yoga/Pilates studio. It's the studio I have been searching for on the GC. Such a calm atmosphere, makes everyone feel welcome. The instructors put so much effort, thought, eduction & healing into each session. You leave each session feeling peaceful & that little bit more in tune with your mind/ body.
allie emoallie emo
05:30 06 Nov 23
Such a beautiful place, where all the instructors are personal and caring. I originally joined for maybe 3 classes a week. Four months later I'm almost going daily as each class gives me something I didn't know I was missing.
koko ikoko i
11:23 05 Nov 23
Highly recommended🫶I have just started attending pilates, barre and yoga classes from last week because my friend recommended me. $33 per week unlimited so I can go to the classes as many as I can. Easy to register and pay memberships, choose and book the classes by the app.Pilates and barre classes are so intense and good to focus on building core muscles and whole body exercises. Between the hard classes I like to go to Stretch Yoga. I really like this studio cos I can go with my own pace, instructors are all so lovely, nice and clean environment and free equipments.
Benjamin ChambersBenjamin Chambers
01:37 04 Nov 23
Conveniently located, nice big studio space with challenging instructors - great workout!
Maddie FarrugiaMaddie Farrugia
12:18 19 Oct 23
I love this studio very much. It has a great energy and is so clean and well designed. All the instructors are very kind and welcoming, and I have left every class feeling great. I recommend this studio to everyone, you will quickly fall in love!
Eliosha LydonEliosha Lydon
22:54 09 Oct 23
Absolutely love Floating Lotus. They have a fantastic range of classes at all different times, 7 days a week.I have practiced with a number of their instructors at this stage and am really benefiting from the uniqueness of each class 😁
Alison MarshallAlison Marshall
01:40 07 Oct 23
Love coming here, the yoga has helped the tightness & ache in my hips so much. Looking forward to gaining core strength!
Amber ClodeAmber Clode
00:02 05 Oct 23
Great range of different classes at all different times throughout the week. I’m new to yoga and the teachers are very helpful and lovely ☺️
Daniel FrawleyDaniel Frawley
10:11 02 Oct 23
Best pilates yoga studio I've visited. Friendly and welcoming vibe and staff. Great location, good mix of classes and best of all it does not cost you an arm and leg to attend....Thank you floating lotus
Lara Lindsay-ParkerLara Lindsay-Parker
10:39 05 Sep 23
I love coming here! The teachers are all so warm and passionate. The space is really nice, the classes aren’t crowded, the vibes are good and the price is great! 🙂
kerrie lushkerrie lush
02:44 26 Aug 23
Have to rate this place again I LOVE it, ALL the instructors are all so different and excellent! (Maddy the assassin !!!) we don't go there to "swan about" we get stuff done !!! My strength and posture have improved so much 🥰
melanie bakermelanie baker
15:27 21 Aug 23
I was on holiday in this area and joined the varied classes. All good - great instructors. Lovely studio and all equipment provided. Highly recommend to all yoga levels.
Lachlan SmithLachlan Smith
04:30 07 Aug 23
Such a lovely space and all teachers are friendly and welcoming. Lots of easy parking.
Kim CliffordKim Clifford
09:00 30 Jul 23
The floating lotus has a really good system of payment and classes. Everyone is kind and friendly.
kelly shortallkelly shortall
09:23 22 Jul 23
Beautiful studio! All of the of the teachers are knowledgeable and very helpful. It has been a fantastic way to keep moving throughout my pregnancy journey. The teachers have been very supportive and made adjustments to the stretches to suit me. I would highly recommend.
Paul LoomesPaul Loomes
07:35 13 Jul 23
I am loving my Yoga journey at Floating Lotus. I enjoy my chats at the end of classes, just as much as the classes them selves
Ilse BroekaertIlse Broekaert
04:49 09 Jul 23
A large variety of classes (yin, stretch, flow yoga, mat and barre pilates). Very experienced teachers with unique approaches: something different. All classes run perfectly on schedule. Quiet and soothing space. Clear guidelines, if you don't like adjustments, or if you do, if it's your first time or you've been practicing your whole life, they will cater for you.
EunHye KimEunHye Kim
20:08 01 Jul 23
I’ve been made to feel very comfortable this studio. awesome teachers, clean, warm and relaxing environments. I strongly recommend here, if you are looking for yoga place.
Eva PartinEva Partin
02:23 19 Jun 23
I think Yoga is a practice of connecting to your mind, body and spirit.As a novice to yoga, I’m grateful to be able learn and be welcomed into this practice at Floating Lotus Studios.Gently be guided and encouraged by Jesska Leroy in a peaceful, safe and well equipped setting is my ideal way of mastering stretch yoga.I would encourage anyone, who thinks they can’t to give it a try.It’s not about what you can do but opening yourself up to the possibilities.I felt the benefits immediately and know that by committing to a class at least once a week it’s better for me than never.If I can do it, anyone can too.Stretch yoga with Jesska Leroy at Floating Lotus Studios is a great place to begin your yoga journey.I know because this is how my yoga practice has begun.Namaste 🙏🏻
Nicci BrooksNicci Brooks
07:26 16 Jun 23
The most peaceful space to practice in.The room is so calming to walk into and you feel instantly relaxed.Amazing instructors and wonderful caring owners.The space is so clean and fresh and as they say “You walk in & Float out” 🧘🏼‍♀️
Matt EllisonMatt Ellison
08:45 13 Jun 23
I have recently had the pleasure of visiting Floating Lotus Yoga Studio on a few occasions, and each time has been an enchanting experience that left me feeling rejuvenated, centered, and inspired. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was greeted with warmth and a serene ambiance that immediately set the tone for a transformative journey.The studio itself is a haven of tranquility, with soft lighting, calming colors, and thoughtfully arranged decor that exude a sense of serenity. The space is immaculately clean, creating an inviting atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease. The attention to detail and the care that goes into maintaining such a pristine environment is truly commendable.
Krista GronoKrista Grono
06:04 10 Jun 23
When you arrive at Flolo Studio you be welcomed to a warm and comfortable studio space.I started at Flolo Robina when I was 25 weeks pregnant and the teachers were so accommodating, I continued to attend class until 31 weeks. Now 6 months post partum my body is rebuilding with the support of the teachers and I'm enjoying being back on the mat.
Thea DillonThea Dillon
09:23 07 Jun 23
A great experience every time at Floating Lotus Studio Robina. I love the variety - each teacher brings their own expertise and flavour to each class, and the studio is comfortable, clean and professional!
Liz PauriniLiz Paurini
00:12 28 May 23
I decided at 65 to try a different way of exercising and saw that Floating Lotus had just opened a new studio in Robina. What a beautiful welcoming and calming space I walked into. Having never done yoga before I was a bit unsure of how I would go but the teachers welcomed me in and are all absolutely beautiful souls. What an amazing experience. It is an absolute joy to attend my classes, thank you so much Nalini, I’m hooked ❤️❤️
Tui PakauTui Pakau
13:27 08 May 23
Amazing teachers and classes
Jaya PearsonJaya Pearson
11:16 08 May 23
For me yoga is a place of comfort, providing increases in physical and spiritual energy, it cleanses and renews my mind, and within floating lotus I feel safe to express myself and not compare myself to other people but to work solely on my practice and what my body as a temple needs, love the studio, the people, and the energy surrounded there!!
Janine DaltonJanine Dalton
05:50 05 May 23
This Studio is fantastic so calming, peaceful and when I put my mat down it is just like coming home....love the teachers too so welcoming and professional.....my second home thankyouJanine D
Veronica CaponeVeronica Capone
20:35 01 May 23
I'm in my 3rd week of classes at Floating Lotus and can already feel and see a difference thanks to the talented teachers who are welcoming and helpful. The studio is in a great central location in Robina with a lovely yoga room.
Saorabh SaakhalkarSaorabh Saakhalkar
19:01 24 Apr 23
One of the best yoga and meditation places on the Gold Coast. Excellent practice.
22:27 22 Apr 23
This place is key to starting my journey and help keep me motivated all day!
Annette SakkasAnnette Sakkas
08:09 15 Apr 23
March 2024I have now done over 200 classes! Being part of the Flolo community has been life changing - physically, mentally and spiritually. Every single class leaves me feeling amazing and every single teacher has something different to offer. Do something for yourself and check it out! Thank you Flolo Team….. I’m overflowing with gratitude.💫🙏🫶🏻🪷🧘‍♀️😌🧘‍♀️🪷🫶🏻🙏💫April 2023What an absolutely gorgeous space! Feeling very privileged to be part of this community. The two classes I have done were incredible. I did indeed float out after stretch yoga and Yin with sound healing was a luxury I have never before experienced….. thank you Floating Lotus, so excited to continue on this new journey.
Lauren ModiLauren Modi
22:50 19 Mar 23
Incredible teachers who were very welcoming. I love the flexible timetable and variety of classes.

You’re never too old or too young to start…

Never too out of shape, or too busy.

Now is just the right time!

At Flolo you’ll see a 70 year old lady crushing it in Pilates, working out next to a 22 year old dude, and on his other side is a 40 year old mama getting her daily dose of self-care.

Jan and Betty come to their Yoga Stretch every Monday and Wednesday, followed by a coffee next door to catch up on the week’s goss.

Mark loves his Tuesday evening Yin to decompress after a demanding and mentally draining day at work.

And Jess never misses her 1045am Barre after dropping the kids off at school.


Our intention is that you stumble upon us as a stranger and a beginner…

And that you stay as a friend, progressing into a seasoned practitioner over time.


We want to empower older women to be fit & strong

Invite middle-aged men to de-stress & unwind

Show young guys how to stretch & cultivate longevity in their bodies

Teach young women how to love themselves

And show everyone how to relax & fall in love with movement

Experience our holistic Approach to Wellness

More than just a workout:

At our studios we offer way more than just a workout: we take you on a journey towards holistic well-being. We are the nurturing environment you come to, to escape the stresses of daily life and turn your attention within – to your mind, body, and spirit.

When you join our community, you’ll receive expert guidance from our experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you reach your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, or find inner peace, our classes are designed to support your unique needs and desires.

Not just about the body:

Of course physical strength and flexibility are important, but equally important is cultivating the same qualities within your mind. And so our classes are designed to create mental clarity and emotional balance. Through mindful movement and controlled breathwork, you’ll learn to quiet the chatter of the mind and cultivate a sense of inner calm. Your newfound mental resilience will help you navigate life’s challenges from a more grounded, relaxed, and empowered space. Yes please!

A place to build community & make friends:

Our studios are a beautifully welcoming space, and one of our biggest intentions is to create community. At Flolo we hope you’ll make new friends and that you inspire and motivate each other on your wellness journey.

Join us at our Robina or Helensvale studio and fall in love with our yoga and Pilates classes.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, there’s a special place just for you in our community. 

flolo: your home away from home

Experienced & Loving Teachers

Our hand-picked Yoga and Pilates teachers are welcoming, loving, friendly, and highly experienced.

They each infuse their own unique flavour into their classes, while maintaining our high standard of expertise in body, breath, movement, and stillness. Meet our teachers below.

Great Value

Our crowd favourite is our unlimited classes for $39/weekNo contracts or notice periods. Includes access to all classes at both Helensvale and Robina Studios. 

Casual drop-ins, class packs, and single or double class weekly subscriptions also available.

Classes for everyone, anytime

90 classes a week. A variety of yoga and Pilates class styles for your specific needs, wellbeing goals, experience level, energy, or mood.

Sometimes you really wanna sweat it out in a Pilates or barre class. Other times you need some slow, nurturing and nourishing yin. And when you want something in between, Yoga Stretch or Yoga Flow is your jam.

Beginners welcome in all classes.

We're here for you.

What are YOUR wellness goals?

Improved Flexibility?

Both yoga and Pilates help increase flexibility by stretching and lengthening muscles, which can improve range of motion and reduce the risk of injury.

Enhanced Strength?

These practices focus on bodyweight resistance exercises, which help build strength, particularly in the core, arms, and legs.

Better Posture?

Yoga and Pilates emphasise proper alignment and awareness of posture, which can help alleviate back, neck, and other musculoskeletal issues.

Stress Reduction?

The mindful breathing techniques used in both practices can help reduce stress and promote relaxation, leading to improved mental well-being.

Improved Balance and Stability?

Yoga and Pilates exercises help improve balance and stability by strengthening the core muscles and enhancing proprioception.

Increased Body Awareness?

 Practicing yoga and Pilates can help you become more in tune with your body, leading to better self-awareness and mindfulness.

Injury Prevention?

By improving flexibility, strength, and posture, yoga and Pilates can help prevent injuries, especially those related to muscle imbalances or overuse.

Boosted Energy Levels?

 Regular practice of yoga and Pilates can help increase energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue.

Weight Management?

While not primarily cardio-focused, these practices can aid in weight management by building lean muscle mass and improving metabolism.

Mind-Body Connection?

 Both yoga and Pilates emphasise the connection between the mind and body, promoting overall well-being and harmony.

As you can see all these amazing benefits make yoga and Pilates the perfect solution to YOUR wellness goals and are suitable to ALL fitness levels and ages!

A holistic approach to health and wellness means benefits for everyone.

flexible pricing & options for everyone!

all options include access to both studios

1 Class Weekly

Get access to any 1 class across our timetables each week. This gives you an $8 saving each week (compared to drop-in price). No contracts, no notice periods. 

Unlimited Classes

This is our most popular option at only $39 per week for unlimited access to both studios. No contracts, no notice periods, just the classes you know and love. 

10 Class Pack

Only able to attend a class every now and then? Our 10 class pack is our most flexible option. You have a full 12 months to use your 10 classes at our studio.


Just yourself! We have everything you will need to use in class at the studio. You are welcome to bring along your own mat and yoga props If you would prefer to. We also suggest bringing a water bottle and hand towel, and wearing comfortable activewear and shoes that are easy to take off.

Stretch Yoga is a great place to start as it gives you more time to get used to the different movements and relax into your practice. If you are wanting a workout, our Pilates classes are vibrant and fun, always offering options to reduce or increase intensity, depending on how you are feeling. Having said that, you are absolutely welcome to come along to any classes! Give each different style a try and see what feels best for you. 

Our Stretch Yoga classes provide a space for you to move your body in a mindful, gentle way. We spend so much time rushing and being busy. Take the opportunity to slow down, and drop into your body rather than being caught up in your head. Yin Yoga takes this even further, you are encouraged to relax the body into each shape as much as possible using the support of bolsters, blocks and blankets. This practice will help you understand where you hold tension in your body, and what you can do to soften and release that tension. Meditation will help you focus your busy mind, and cultivate presence. The more we practice slowing down, and being present, the less anxious and affected by stress we become. 

Flow Yoga combines movement and breath to help spark your inner fire. This practice warms the body through constant movement, building strength and stamina while increasing mobility. Pilates is an incredibly effective way of building long lean muscles without overloading the joints. 

We hear this so often! You do not have to be flexible to start practicing yoga. When you do yoga consistently, you will become more flexible over time.

Yes! You can come along to any of our yoga classes during your pregnancy. We recommend always checking in with your doctor, to make sure yoga is right for you at this time. Please indicate to our teachers that you are pregnant so they can help you make the necessary adjustments and provide alternatives to movements you should be avoiding.  If you are just beginning your yoga practice, be gentle with yourself and your changing body. It is already working very hard! Yoga will help strengthen your mind-body connection. It is a wonderful way to spend time connecting inward with yourself and your baby. We recommend Stretch Yoga to ground and open. If you have already been practicing yoga with us, continue coming along to your regular class. Your practice will change to accommodate the amazing work your body is doing, so always listen to it, and rest when you need to. We do not recommend Mat Pilates throughout pregnancy.

Yes! All our pass options give you access to our 2 gorgeous locations.

Only 10 Class Packs can be shared and that must be with a family member or partner.

Yes, this is all self managed via logging in using the login button at the top right of this website. You cannot manage this via our app, you must use the website. You can cancel any auto pay membership at anytime with no notice periods just select cancel renewal. 

Yes, We just ask for 72 hours notice just send us a message in our booking app or using the form above with your dates. You can pause from 7 days up to 3 months at a time. Pause don’t have to align with payment dates, if you have days left on your pass when you pause you will have them available to use when you come back. 

You can cancel your booked class easiest via our booking app. You will be receive your credit back your account if cancelled before class time.  To cancel your membership please login using the top right hand button on this website. 

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