Yoshi Suzuki

Yoga Teacher

Yoshi has been practicing yoga for the last 14 years and teaching for almost 6. After becoming curious about the benefits of yoga, Yoshi did some research and discovered hot yoga. He began practicing at a hot yoga studio in Burleigh Heads. After 8 years of steady practice, curiosity towards Ashtanga Yoga grew in his mind. He started looking for a local Ashtanga teacher and found Santina Giardina-Chard. He started practicing Ashtanga under her guidance, whilst maintaining his hot yoga practice. Finding himself out of work, Yoshi decided to pursue his passion and completed his teacher training in 2016. Upon returning from the teachers training he started teaching Modified Ashtanga at studios in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Since then Yoshi had studied a variety of different styles of body movement, including various types of stretching and mobility. As a teacher, Yoshi doesn’t label himself in one particular style of yoga. He combines everything he has learnt into his classes with a general focus on strength and mobility.
 Instagram: @yoshikazu1974