Tina feben

Pilates Teacher

I am a qualified Mat Pilates/Barre  Instructor. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and am very passionate about helping you through the Pilates technique and increasing your mind body connection. I found Pilates through a severe sporting injury several years ago. My Physiotherapist recommended Pilates to me and the rest is history, I have never looked back and wish I found Pilates sooner.

I started doing Pilates to rehabilitate my knee, strengthen my quadriceps and improve my core strength, it was then when my instructor suggested I become an instructor myself, which I did! I use a variety of equipment in all of my classes including Balls, Circles and Bands so you get a full body work out while having fun.

My classes are for anyone and everyone I provide a safe, fun, energetic class focusing not only on technique but strength and endurance so you leave with a sweat. I provide different levels so its up to you what you want to get out of your class depending on how you’re feeling on the day.

My Barre class is an all over body workout targeting your Booty. I  guarantee to keep you moving and  get your burn on!!! We have a lot of fun in class and you don’t need a dancing background to do my class. You will become toned and defined in no time!

I’m looking forward to sharing my love of Pilates and Barre with you!

Instagram: @tinafeben

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