Tania Fleming

Yoga and Barre teacher

From retail to administration to International Corporate accounting firm in South Africa to moving across the world to the UK, I went from waitressing to Government Prosecution, from studying criminal law as a paralegal assistant in London UK to leaving the work force to become a mother for the first time, dedicating my life to my family and becoming a full time stay-at-home mum of four incredible kids. In between all this moving across the world once more to building a life in Australia and making it home. 

I began my journey into fitness classes through my first pregnancy in the UK. I went to classes consistently right up to the veeeery end, with pregnancy number two it was hard to get to the gym or do classes as my first was only a few months old, exercise became running around after little ones. We relocated to Australia and settled in. With the next pregnancy I knew I would need to build up my strength to carry a baby again as the first two had left me with permanent hip pain. I started Physio Pilates, after baby was born this was hard to continue but I did eventually get myself back to exercising with help of a PT and then adding yoga classes in not long after. It was here that my love for movement truly began, not only feeling stronger physically but mostly pain free for the first time in 5 years and the mental benefits were something I had not expected nor even considered but they were clear. I enjoyed my practice again so much so that after only 8 months I decided to dive into my first teacher training course! I completed my Yoga TT in 2019 and started teaching, it was not long after that I had the urge to learn more and expand my teaching, to grow and strengthen myself leading me to fall into an incredible Pilates Barre TT in 2021 as well as tipping my toes into the benefits of Sound healing and learning to incorporate crystal bowls into my offerings. 

Now teaching a variety of Yoga classes as well as Pilates Barre classes I absolutely love the energy, the calm, the physical strength and the mental benefits they all have and what they have to offer to others. 

Barre, I love building up the heat to funky tracks while motivating my class to feel strong, empowered and sweaty.

Yoga, I love connecting the movements to the breath, going from slowing down the mind focusing on breath work to warming up the body, building up heat, strengthening and stretching, balancing and connecting to oneself. I enjoy creating a fun space for challenges, setting goals and personal growth. 

Instagram: @tania_breathebalanceconnect

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