Rosalyn Lim

Yoga Teacher

Rosalyn Lim (she/her) is a certified teacher in yoga. With over a decade of experience in her field, she has explored various yoga styles and has studied under some of the world’s leading yoga teachers.

Prior to her move to Queensland, she studied intensively under the tutelage of Eoin McCarthy at the Melbourne Ashtanga Yoga Centre.Along with her class offerings, Ros also runs yoga workshops with a strong focus on anatomy and mindful movement.

Ros draws on her experience in yoga, mindfulness and meditation to facilitate safe spaces for students to cultivate the practice of autonomy and agency. As a person who holds privilege as a cisgendered, able-bodied, middle-class settler, Ros recognises the work she has in strongly advocating for the intersectionality of wellness practices

Instagram: www.instagram.com/rosalyn.lim/

Website: www.yogawithros.com