Melissa Yavo

Yoga Teacher

About Melissa:

“I enjoy feeling at ease in my body, strong in my spirit, free and peaceful in my mind. Self love and connection is the reason why I teach yoga.

My yoga journey began in 2016 when I realised I had always related to my body from a place of performance, feeling disconnected from my inner self and out of balance. Despite my background as a ballet dancer and gymnast, I had never truly connected with my body. Through conscious movement, breath, and meditation, I discovered parts of myself I had never met before. Yoga became a liberating practice that empowered me to embody sovereignty in all aspects of life.

In each of my classes, we embark on a journey together, meeting ourselves and each other right where we are. I create a supportive and nurturing space, whether the practice is challenging or relaxing. My guidance is soft-spoken, and my adjustments are subtle, encouraging students to find their own inner guidance and wisdom, becoming increasingly attuned to their bodies and minds. Students often describe my classes as dreamy and relaxing, leaving them feeling more connected, revitalised, and relaxed.

My Goal:
Through movement, breath, and meditation, I aim to support stress and emotional regulation, body empowerment, self-love and clarity. Together, we will greet our challenges and successes with kindness, striving to bring our minds and bodies into better alignment, free from the burden of taking anything too seriously.

I look forward to seeing you in class :)”

-Yoga teacher, shamanic sound healer, energy worker-