Mat Pilates

Strengthen, Stabilize, and Energize

Welcome to our signature Mat Pilates classes, where we blend traditional Pilates principles with dynamic movements to offer a unique workout experience.

Why Choose Our Mat Pilates Classes?

Fundamental Focus: Dive deep into Pilates fundamentals, ensuring you grasp the core techniques to maximize benefits.

Strength & Stability: Develop unparalleled strength and stability, enhancing your overall physical prowess.

Posture Perfection: Our exercises emphasize the correct engagement of stabilising muscles, promoting impeccable posture.

Targeted Training: Unlike regular gym workouts, our classes target often-neglected muscle groups, ensuring a holistic fitness approach.

Energising Rhythms: Move and groove to uplifting music, adding a fun and energetic dimension to your workout.

Discover Hidden Muscles: Our unique exercises will introduce you to muscles you never knew you had!

Class Details:

Duration: 50 – 60 minutes
Equipment: Bodyweight, props (provided)
Intensity: Moderate to High
Suitable For: Beginners to Advanced

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