Happy Tuesday, Flo – Lo Family 

And welcome to the first week of Autumn

This month we are yielding the requests of Autumn and taking the opportunity to draw a little closer inwards. As the season starts to turn away from Summer, the days will start to grow slower, shorter and colder. Now is the time to dial into your close and soulful community, so we may huddle together in warmth and nourishment as Winter descends.

It has been a while since we dropped into your inbox and connected with you a little more regularly. So I am super excited to have the opportunity to connect with you. Each month, I will pop into your inbox, like an old friend dropping in for tea. We’ll have a good old yarn about all things yoga, and perhaps even contemplate a few things that keep our lives exciting and challenging. Yoga is so much more than just the asanas you find on your mat and it has the potential to dissolve, resolve and amplify the way you live your life, love your family and treat yourself.

So I would love to open up this dialogue and create a dynamic conversation with you. Together, let’s entice the powerful spirit of curiosity and contemplation. As the year unfolds and we grow closer as a vibrant community (which will help keep us nourished and encouraged through the Winter), don’t hesitate to ask and share and request! Join us in the conversation and speak to your teachers and fellow yogi’s. Ask questions that rouse your heart and ponder a few concepts that jostle your mind. And don’t be afraid to contribute your unique wisdom to our collective upswell of consciousness!

After all, every single one of us is on this yoga journey together, standing on equal ground with a shared intention of awakening our awareness in some way. We all wish to find a sense of inner liberation; a desire to create a life that gratifies us a little more. Take a moment to remind yourself what drew you to your practice originally…what was your initial intention? Do you remember what pushed you to take the leap? What were you seeking from yourself? And what kept you coming back? 

In the genuine resonance of namaste, students and teachers grow side-by-side in a simultaneous widening of  our human wisdom. And in fact, this division is just an imaginary symptom of social dogma and separation. We are all students of yoga and students of life itself, and the learning is never fully complete. As Michelangelo famously stated at the ripe age of 87, ‘I am still learning’.
So in the spirit of namaste, thank you for being here with us. Thank you for sharing your life experience with your wider community. Thank you for helping us grow as humans and spiritual beings, and thank you for being vulnerable enough to learn and grow alongside us.

With sincere gratitude,
Namaste. Jesska