Laural Furze

Yoga Teacher

Laural’s journey with yoga began 12 years ago when her now husband introduced her to the Asana practice.

What started as an initial form of physical exercise eventually expanded beyond the physical leading to a deeper understanding of herself.

Yoga has since been a consistent ritual in Laural’s life and continues to help her feel more at home within herself, while also giving her tools to help navigate the challenges that come along with everyday life.

Laural has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group fitness and nutrition coach for the past 7 year, giving her vital education and an understanding of human anatomy while also exploring human behaviour and mindset through helping others on their health and fitness journey.

Finally after many years of ignoring the call to teach the opportunity and timing aligned to dive deep into becoming a yoga teacher and sharing this wonderful practice with others. 3 years on Laural is an experienced teacher in offering Vinyasa, yin and pre/postnatal yoga.

Laural also weaves her background in music through her yoga classes, often incorporating crystal sound bowls, vocals and mantras to help students drop into a deeper state of relaxation and self enquiry.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laural.furze/

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