Laura Humphreys

Yoga Teacher

Lauras beliefs and trainings are built on the philosophy that wellness isn’t just a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your body, your mind, the planet, the people you surround yourself with, the environment in which you place yourself and how determined you are to live and dream big.  It’s a loving relationship, built on kindness, discipline, honesty, respect and passion. Her approach to teaching yoga is to bring people closer to this philosophy and using it to achieve their life goals.

Laura completed her first 200hr yoga teacher training in 2009, diving deep into endless hours of practice and self study and is the founder of Spirit of Sadhana Yoga Teacher Training.

Now with more than a 1000hrs of yoga training and over a decade of teaching and experience, she draws upon the knowledge of many linages and feels sincerely honoured to share the offerings of her teachers and mentors, to deliver philosophy infused, linage sanctioned, bio-mechanically sound, seamlessly choreographed and pranically sound sequences.

Lauras hands-on and verbal assists are built upon her deep understanding of alignment of hours spent on her own mat which is evident throughout her classes. She recognises that these offer the student an opportunity to redefine the posture, which enables further understanding of their own anatomy, allowing the student to feel true postural integrity, opening new neurological pathways and building trust in knowing they are safe and supported so they can let go, reprogram and find freedom in the posture.

She brings great emphasis that yoga is more than asana and the culmination of any yoga practice, is the pursuit of meditation.

“We are forever students and we are all teachers and it is YOU whom inspire me daily, for that I am eternally grateful.”

With Sincere Love and Gratitude

Laura. xx

Laura’s Website: http://www.laurahumphreys.com/

Instagram: @Laurahumphreysyoga

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