Jacqui Colli

Yoga Teacher

Hi there! I’m Jacqui, a lover of life, nature and all creatures great and small. I believe that we all have the power within us to make the positive changes we are searching for. I am a passionate Yoga Instructor and an enthusiast for healthy living and delicious food. When I am not teaching or practicing yoga you can you find me out adventuring in nature with my amazing little family (2 boys, a fur girl & hubby), or cooking up delicious vegan and vegetarian food whilst singing and dancing to some old school RNB. 
Yoga for me is a way of living, it’s the way we think, the way we feel and the way we show up in the world. I love that with yoga brings a sense of community and connection knowing that we are all in this together, knowing that we are not alone – even when the journey can feel so hard and lonely.  Yoga is such a transformational practice (mind-body-heart) helping us to reveal the best version of ourselves, knowing that everything we need is already with us. 
I love to teach breathwork, meditation and mindful movement to bring us into a state of flow. I enjoy teaching and practicing Vinyasa and Yin as both styles of practices combined bring us into a beautiful state of balance.
What can you expect when taking a class with me? I like to create a safe and healing space for your personal transformation to unfold. I lead my classes with compassion, gratitude and self-love so that you can feel at home and confident in your body. I will always encourage you to move and breathe in a way that serves you best on the day. Some days it’s a more gentle practice and on other days is a strong and fierce practice… both are perfect. I have been know to leave you with the drool factor at the end of practice, lulling you into a deep rested state. 
I can not wait to connect with you! 
Instagram: @jacquicolli