hayley Davis

Pilates and Barre Teacher

I am qualified in Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and Barre. I am constantly adding to my training and have completed pre and post-natal Pilates, injury modifications, creative barre repertoire, barre bootcamp, thera band and slider work as well as meditation.

I fell in love with Barre and Pilates whilst training in class myself, they were the only style of workout I thoroughly enjoyed going to. As a teacher, I strive to make each class enjoyable for everyone who attends. I never repeat a class so there is always something different to look forward to. Prepare to glow as we move our bodies to create tone, strength and flexibility; all to a great music beat! All of my classes are designed for absolutely any level of fitness. I do have one rule…. And that is…SMILE 

It’s not all about the work let’s have some fun while we’re at it!

I look forward to connecting with you!