Flow Yoga

Unite Movement and Breath

Welcome to our Flow Yoga Classes, where movement and breath come together in a harmonious dance. Dive deep into a practice that not only strengthens the body but also calms the mind.

Why do our Flow Yoga classes?

Energising and Enlivening: Our classes are designed to invigorate your body, releasing blockages and igniting your inner energy.

Build Strength & Flexibility: Seamlessly flow from one posture to another, enhancing your physical strength, stability and mobility.

Personalised Guidance: Our experienced teachers offer multiple options throughout the practice, ensuring you find the right fit for your body and level of experience.

Enhanced Mind-Body Awareness: Discover a heightened sense of connection between your body and mind as you move fluidly through each sequence.

For Everyone: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our classes cater to all, helping expand your understanding of yoga and its myriad benefits.

What to Expect?

Steady Pacing: Each class is paced to ensure you have ample time to transition between postures, focusing on the synchronisation of movement and breath.

Detailed Instructions: Our teachers provide step-by-step verbal descriptions, frequent demonstrations, and adjustments to ensure optimal alignment and movement.

A Supportive Environment: We encourage every participant to listen to their body. Choose the postures that resonate with you and experience yoga in its truest form.