Soft Heart + Courageous Spirit ~ For students & teachers alike

Good Morning dear family,    I hope this letter finds you warm with joy in a contemplative and receptive state of wonder and curiosity. Are your eyes wide open to the sensual world of Spring?  Full of vibrant colours, fresh smells and inspiring ideas    I would love to wander a little further downstream from our […]

A meditation to shift perspective & resistance

Good Morning, beautiful family ~   And welcome to another heart letter full of ponderings and meditations. May this letter serve as a gentle reminder to interface with the world as open and courageously as possible.    I would love to share a short contemplation with you that shifted the tectonic plates of my mind. […]

Two limbs that a yogi must embody are the yamas and niyamas

 Happy June Floating Family, And what a wonderful start to the winter season we’ve had so far! In typical Gold Coast fashion, we have tumbled into winter almost overnight and begun swaddling ourselves in jumpers and ugg boots. It’s gotten tougher to resist those crispy cold nights and a lot harder to persevere the refreshing mornings. So […]

May 2022 – Newsletter

To my consciously curious Floating Family 🍂 I hope this monthly newsletter finds you healthy and luminous as the sun slowly softens its glow, melting the crisp autumn across our landscape. This month, I want to share a story with you that provoked the deep channels of my heart. I recently heard this story whilst studying […]

April 2022 – Newsletter

Good Morning Floating Family  It’s that time of the month again, and I am stoked to be back in your inbox. Feel free to put the kettle on and make yourself comfortable. It’s time for us to chat  I recently listened to an inspiring podcast with the great yoga master, Sadhguru. It was a pleasant conversation about […]

March 2022 – Newsletter

Happy Tuesday, Flo – Lo Family  And welcome to the first week of Autumn This month we are yielding the requests of Autumn and taking the opportunity to draw a little closer inwards. As the season starts to turn away from Summer, the days will start to grow slower, shorter and colder. Now is the time […]