Good Morning, beautiful family ~


And welcome to another heart letter full of ponderings and meditations. May this letter serve as a gentle reminder to interface with the world as open and courageously as possible. 


I would love to share a short contemplation with you that shifted the tectonic plates of my mind. A simple meditation that has supercharged my gratitude 🙏 and unhinged my ego’s grip on complaining 😩 I offer you this meditation as a 5-minute exercise, so feel free to grab a journal if you love to write things down, but an open mind will do just fine.


Before you jump ahead, I invite you to consider (or write down in your journal) three necessities, responsibilities or challenges that are pressing annoyingly upon your comfort at the moment. Things that you gently resent or find frustrating 😒


Some examples might be ~


👉 I have to go to yoga or the gym

👉 I have to go to the doctor, physio, chiro, osteo for an injury that I have

👉 I have to go to work and deal with the this person/situation/task

👉 I have to cook dinner for my family after a long and tiring day

👉 I have to take the kids to school or look after my grandchildren

👉 I have to talk to this friend and resolve this conflict because I’m upset/angry


Whatever your responsibilities or necessities are, consider them and welcome them into your body for a moment. Feel them and experience how your body and mind react to their presence.


Then, I offer you this simple contemplation ~ what if you change it from, ‘I have to do this’, to ‘I get to do this’. What do you think might shift?


Try reconsidering your three chosen topics and shift the language a little. But really examine it for a moment or two and see if the mind shifts. Does it open towards a different narrative or an interesting direction of thought? Does it change the potential of where your energy was going? And does it shift the neural pathway from a negative thought towards a positive one? Instead of, ‘I have to eat healthy tonight because I feel like crap’, it becomes ‘I get to eat healthy tonight because I’ve been feeling like crap’. Rather than, ‘I have to journal my thoughts and feelings’, it turns into, ‘I get to journal my thoughts and feelings’. 


Can you feel the tangible difference between a statement that travels downward and draws your ego towards resentment, versus a statement that broadens outwards and draws your heart towards gratitude and consideration? One statement inspires resistance while the other inspires space 💗


Play this out with a few hypotheticals and feel into it over the coming weeks, as you move slowly towards the reactivation of Spring. And as always, be patient. The mind takes time to grow, so let it be a practice of learning and unlearning ~ because you get to practice being happy and free.


Namaste, soul family 🌈


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